Zipper Bag

Zipper BagZipper Bag
Tonight was my second sewing class over at The Sewing Room. It was great! Zippers are kind of my nemesis, so it was good to get to focus on them. We started by doing a sample piece on calico showing how to place a trouser zipper (like for jeans). Then we started in on our project for the night: this handy bag/pencil case. It’s got a front zipper with a pouch inside, and a size zipper for the main pouch. Once again I was the Hermione of the bunch, zooming ahead and finishing early. It turned out pretty well! My sewing is a little wobbling around the zips, but good for a first attempt. And hey, I only managed to shatter one sewing needle! (I ran over the metal stop at the top of the zipper.) Good times.

Zipper Bag   Zipper Bag


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  1. Well done!! Told you you’d do great!!

  2. Cute! Can’t wait to see your next sewing exploits 🙂

  3. awesome sauce! (sewing over the zipper stop is my pet hate hehehe)

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