Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On bottleKeep Calm and Carry On
I’ve been looking for a metal water bottle for a while now, mostly because I’m tired of throwing out plastic bottles at work. (I prefer to drink from a bottle rather than a glass at my desk since bottles hold more.) Last weekend I found this awesome Keep Calm and Carry On aluminum bottle at Octopus Design in Newtown. I instantly fell in love with it. It’s red! It made me happy. I took it to work on Monday and promptly managed to spill it all over my desk. Whoops. Still, that’s why I bought a metal bottle, right? Because I’m clumsy. Later that night, I took it to the gym with me. I quickly found that the cap is easy to misthread though, and while moving from one station to the next I picked it up and the cap popped off, sending the bottle flying. I hastily picked it up and mopped up the water. Again, I told myself, this is why I got a metal bottle! The next morning I pulled it out at work and noticed that I’d put a smell dent in the shoulder. I wasn’t too surprised. What did surprise me though was the puddle of water that appeared on my desk after filling it. Puzzled, I wiped it up. It reappeared. There was a crack in my bottle! THAT SUCKED. I put sticky tape over it which seemed to staunch the flow. Later that week, I spoke on the phone to a nice guy at Opus who agreed that a metal bottle shouldn’t have broken so quickly! He arranged to have a replacement waiting for me at the Paddington store this weekend. So today, the Snook and I went over to claim it. I’m happy again! Thank you Opus/Octopus Design. 🙂

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  1. we’re all camelbak better bottle pod people up in here now! i like the bite valve and no drip or spill and no need to tip it to drink. did I tell you how dan mistook my original mother’s day gift request and bought me an actual camelbak water BAG?! funniest. thing. ever.

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