Foot Update

Foot Update
I had to see my GP on Friday for an allergy shot, and while I was there I told him that my right foot has still been bothering me. I told him that the sports doctor had advocated calling a podiatrist. After poking my foot for a bit, Dr. Chin told me to hold off on the podiatrist in favour of an ultrasound. He suspects that I might have a case of Morton’s Neuroma. Basically, I might have a thickened and inflamed nerve in the ball of my foot. It’s an interesting possibility; it would explain why I didn’t see any improvement from drastically reducing my mileage (or stopping altogether). Women who wear high-heeled shoes seem particular at risk. I don’t wear high-heels, but I did spend three months trying to land on my forefoot. (I’ve since changed to more of a midfoot strike.) Interesting, huh? If that is the case, I might be able to get by with some sort of orthotic or padding. I’m hoping to get the ultrasound tomorrow morning, so I’ll keep you posted…


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  1. I have Morton’s in my right foot which has bugged me sporadically for 15+ years. The pain normally surfaces after a couple hours in narrow shoes or 6-7 miles of running (although ramping up weekly mileage seems to convince the foot to ‘deal with it.’) My GP confirmed that there is no tried-and-true remedy (effectiveness of surgery and shots varies widely) so I’m trying to live with it for now. For dozens of experiences see the forum at

  2. Sorry to hear that, Kris – do look after it – I’ve had foot problems for years and they seem to get worse as I age (perhaps I should add, EVERYTHING gets worse as ! age!!) – just to cheer you up! But I had plantar fasciitis in both feet early last year and thought it would never get better – it lasted on and off for about 8 months, but it did eventually stop hurting – but I still have to look after it.

  3. Often heppens to people who have worn shoes with narrow toe-boxes, but not always.

    When it’s a very clear case, surgery CAN work well. Interesting possibility!

  4. huh. had/have a neuroma in my left forefoot between 3rd and 4th toes. don’t know what a morton’s is specifically, but i had pain, lingering tingling, etc. when running long distances (definitely exacerbated by any kind of a high heel.) saw a foot guy in LA and had orthotics made before my marathon (if i remember correctly, mom helped pay for ’em because they were hella expensive!) they were great though…not only did it help with the neuroma, it seemed to help with my blistering problem. too bad our feet are probably super different or i’d let you try ’em out…not like they’ve seen any use since dec. 2005!

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