Bettina Arndt sucks

Bettina Arndt sucks. I was going to write her an email about how I found her article extremely patronising and out-of-touch, but there are about 150 comments (and counting) already saying the same thing. Her attitude towards marriage is exactly WHY I was so reluctant to get married. I don’t want her to count me on her team. We got married to celebrate our relationship with our friends and family, not because I’m a victim who wants to have babies and needs the law to keep the Snook from running for the hills.


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  1. I just clicked through and read the article. Words fail me on how idiotic/patronising and general sucky (too cranky to think of anything better) btw my partner and I are not married and have been together for 17 years, happy and committed with no intention of separating. stopping rant now (sorry)

  2. Just because *she’s* never managed to pin down or trust a man doesn’t mean the same holds universally true for all women. Projection much?

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