Double Rainbow Allllllll the Wayyyyy

The only thing better than “Guy amazed by double rainbow” is the DOUBLE RAINBOW SONG. (I especially like how they did the Pomplamoose thing of showing the performers at the end…)

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  1. That damn song has been stuck in my head all day! So catchy. And thanks for the link to Pomplamoose- hadn’t heard them before, and they’re AWESOME.

  2. They ARE awesome! I actually took in a picture of the singer to my hairdresser as inspiration the last time I went. 😛

  3. I thought so!! If I’d seen that video independently of your blog I would have thought of you and your Mr. Which is very odd as I don’t actually know you…

    Pamplemousse is one of my favourite french words.

    I’m now watching their YouTube stuff. cool.

  4. Ooh, I didn’t realise it was a French word! I thought it was just nonsense. I like it too! I shall never say “grapefruit” again. 🙂

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