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Yikes. Snookums replaced the batteries in our bathroom scales today so we could see how our weights fared after three weeks of American food. Folks, it was pretty depressing. I was actually thinking of going back to Weight Watchers. On a whim though, I checked out Calorie King. I used to like using their site to check nutrition information for Australian foods, but last year they switched to an expensive paid-subscription model. I was pleased to see today that they’ve scrapped this and gone back to FREE. If you’re Australian and you want to try out an online food/exercise tracker, I suggest you check it out.


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  1. thank you for reminding me about Calore King. Since quitting WW I’ve been meaning to look it up as I know it can be quite good. Good luck with your weight loss!

  2. i have signed up. thanks for this, it irks me that people are forced to pay for WW online etc, so this is great!

  3. I might give Calorie King another try. This winter I have been storing up enough fat to hibernate until spring it seems.

    The frustration I had last time I tried it was that it sort of penalises you for cooking your own food. You had to go to a lot of effort to work out how to enter it in and determine the day’s calories. The cognitive load of entering in my food each day was what made me give up on it after a couple of months.

  4. Good luck with the weight loss. I got fed up of tennis so stopped there for 7 months and erm big mistake. Back on the courts now and a belly to lose.

  5. That’s exactly the problem I had too, Roceal. But you have that with any of these programs. Even Weight Watchers. The sad truth is that it’s much easier to track if you eat all crap that comes out of a package.

  6. I thought/think that you look fabulous!

  7. I bought a Biggest Loser cookbook in Dymocks. Under $30, some great recipes and all the macronutrients calculated for each one. Also, Good Food mag has all the details for each recipe.

  8. I lost 18kg through Calorie King over 2008-09. It works!

    The trick with making your own meals is to enter all the ingrediants for the whole recipe into one meal spot, and click “Save meal”. It’ll ask you how many serves the recipe made. Then when you make it, instead of entering the ingrediants, you click “Load Meal” and tell it how many serves you had. So for each meal you make you only have to enter it once.

    This is also handy for cookies/slices etc -just enter the number of pieces as ‘serves’, and then load the number of cookies you had 🙂

  9. sorry for contributing, but it was still fun 🙂

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