The Granny Square

The Granny Square
In case you missed the posts on Ravelry, “The Granny Square” is finally open in Newtown! This is the new funky boutique knitting shop run by my old employer Morris & Sons. It’s only a soft-launch for now – they don’t quite have all the stock in yet – but it looks gorgeous. The Other Andrew has been supervising the visual merchandising and it looks great. He’s put several photos up on Flickr.

I am totally taking some credit for the shop, seeing as how it was me that notified Albert that Champion Textiles was going out of business. By the time I met him for dinner that night, he was already working out details of the lease with the owner. See? I put people together to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.


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  1. yeah, popped in on Saturday for some sugar and cream. It looks great and so spacious inside you’d never believe it was the same place as dayglo orange Champion Textiles. Looks much more promising than the A coffee and a Yarn whose yarn range is SO small and dull (I’m all for the organics but can’t they have a bit more colour or does it have to look like breakfast?). Will wait and see how it develops!

  2. We stopped by on the weekend mostly to say hi to Andrew, but also so I could suss it out. Lookin’ good!

  3. ooooh – must pop down and have a drool!

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