Weirdness. A girl at Saint Mary’s, my university‘s sister school, claims she was sexually assaulted… by another girl. The accused was cleared by a special advisory board, but the alleged victim still claims she’s going to leave school. I don’t know enough of the facts to state any sort of real opinion on the case, except to note that I knew a lot of Catholic girls on campus who were pretty freaked out by lesbianism. It’s not hard for me to imagine that these girls were at a party drinking all night (which they admit), and that later one of them made a pass at the other. I just think it’s sad that what was probably just a misunderstanding has to result in one student leaving the school and another branded as some sort of deviant sexual predator.

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  1. i actually earned my stripes at ND during a [drunken…duh] game of spin the bottle senior year! i’d like to think it’s given me added girlfriend cache…not that J. ever wants to see a replay (thank goodness…threesomes just seem too ripe for disappointment and rejection).

  2. Heh. Remind me to talk about this with you privately sometime over a few beers.

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