You can call me Palmer. Lorraine Palmer. People are still naming kids “Lorraine” these days? I thought that went out in the fifties. Of course, I might just be thinking of this movie though. (Link courtesy of Max.)


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  1. Floyd Hale or Juan Franklin. The latter is without my surname. Weird, I was going to call my son Floyd…

  2. Floyd Herlihy? Really? That’s certainly a, uh, unique name. 🙂

    But really, Juan Franklin rocks. He should be some sort of recent immigrant driving a beater taxicab in New York. And he probably smokes pot out the driver’s side window. Juan Franklin. Dig it.

  3. I always like the name, Mustapha ( is that spelt right ).

    Musthapha Max ….hehe

  4. Jean Harrison?! blech!

    what’s the point of this generator anyhow? J. scored Sam Meyer. ugh…

    but just brigita = Monica Ryan. me like!

  5. I like to think that it points out the uselessness of other name generators. I mean, you put in a name, you get a name out! I think it’s kinda funny.

  6. ah, subtlety! never claimed to be that bright…

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