Here’s what amazes me about the I.T. industry: we can build something completely awesome for a client, only to have them screw it up completely with their marketing or P.R. For instance, I’m working on a site that allows a user to search for available holiday cottages in France to rent. It works well and the design doesn’t suck. Yet here’s a sample of the copy they sent to be used on the home page:

Finding your ideal French holiday cottage isn’t easy, but every year we search France with a passion, for the most characterful cottages in the prettiest regions of the country.

“Characterful”?? That isn’t a word! People get paid to write this crap? I’m going to be embarrassed to put that site on my CV!

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  1. char·ac·ter·ful (krk-tr-fl)
    Having or displaying remarkable, memorable character: “It was easy to forget what a sensitive and characterful performance he could deliver” (Charles Champlin).

  2. Okay, okay. It still sounds dumb, though. Especially with regards to a cottage.

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