Wacom Bamboo Touch

Wacom Bamboo Touch
For most of the winter, I’ve been having some fairly serious pain in my right wrist and elbow. It went away when we went on vacation but came back soon afterwards. It’s obviously connected to the heavy mouse usage of my right hand, combined with the pressure of my chair arm on a nerve near my elbow. I tried switching my mouse to the left hand, but I was utterly useless at it. I had resorted to trying to memorize keyboard shortcuts and daily applications of Voltarin to my wrist. Then two weeks ago my co-worker Graeme saw me and asked if I wanted to try out his Bamboo Touch. (He didn’t need it any more.) I was skeptical at first, but I am now a total convert. For all normal mouse-related activities, I’m just as quick now with the tablet as I was before. I utterly LOVE two-finger scrolling, which I also have on my MacBook at home. My wrist pain has disappeared completely. For my elbow, I ended up wrapping a scarf around the chair arm to create a makeshift pad. That’s helping quite a bit, so I think a more permanent solution is in order. Just thought I’d share my experience in case any of you are experience similar mouse-related repetitive use injuries!


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  1. What about trying a chair without arms? I always prefer armless chairs and they’re also much better for your back as your posture is better.

  2. That’s a possibility too, Lyn. I just need to find somebody in the office to swap chairs with me. 🙂

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