This weekend I…

This weekend I…

  • …ran my 19th Inner City Knitters Guild meeting. Has it really been that many?! The meeting was a big success, and we had six more sign-ups on the day. We’ve now got 74 members, more than 2.5 times what we had when I (and Rose and Geraldine) took over! Yeah, I’m proud of that.
  • …helped the Snook install our new front-loading washer and condenser dryer. It was rather trying, considering we had to work out how to get the dryer down off the wall. The laundry room was a mess of dust and lint too.
  • …greatly enjoyed eating some of the Snook’s homemade sourdough.
  • …redid ALL of our filing and threw out basically an entire wastebin full of old documents. (I mean, really. Do we need the lease from the Snook’s bedsit in London from 11 years ago?)
  • …did about 10 loads of laundry in the new machine, including all of my handknitted socks (on the handwash cycle!), a couple jumpers, and my Star Wars quilt. I LOVE IT.
  • …went for a 7.67km run around Newtown.
  • …built a website for an upcoming running event!

That was productive. I can haz sleep now?


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  1. you shame me. 10 loads of washing, jeez.

  2. It was the novelty of the new machine. Plus I had an entire basket of more delicate stuff – like my knitted socks – that I couldn’t be bothered to handwash and that I didn’t trust to the old machine. So months and months of laundry laziness followed by one day of effort!

  3. wow, you accomplished a LOT. I’m impressed.

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