Well, that just about guarantees that Max will never ever come visit. Crap.


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  1. poor moo-cows. that makes me so sad… 🙁

  2. Are you kidding–and miss the chance to witness a culling? Think again, sister! (Um, does this make me sound like a freak?) Plus, one of my life’s goals is to fly into London, hit every record store in a 50-mile radius, and fly out 24 hours later. A few spotty cows won’t keep me away…

  3. Fifty miles? Dude, it would take you way more than 24 hours just to get through the half dozen on Oxford Street. 🙂

    “Spotty cows” made me laugh. Reminds me of the time last spring when my housemate Alex got extremely drunk and decided to call up the BBC and berate them for their coverage of the foot-and-mouth crisis. He was shouting that they overdramatized it when really it was “just a sort of bovine flu“. I couldn’t stand up I was laughing so hard.

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