21.1km complete!
Just a very quick note – I FINISHED THE RUN! I can’t be more specific than that, as I lost my iPhone right before the run. YES, THAT SUCKED. I ran around like a maniac to every lost-and-found at the starting line and no one turned it in. And then I begged someone else’s phone to try calling it – no answer – and then calling Rodd, whose race started later. So then I had to run the whole thing without any music, without GPS, with my timed intervals. I have no idea what my time was, but goddammit, I finished that race! The past two hours have been a blur of calling Optus to get the handset barred, calling the cops to get an incident report, changing passwords, etc. Now we’re going to go get food.


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  1. Well done finishing the run!! Fantastic effort. 🙂

    It sucks about your phone tho.

  2. Fantastic effort Kris! Well done. It’s a shame that some turkey ruined the start for you by pinching the phone. It can’t have been a runner, we don’t do that sort of thing! But stolen iPhones aside, you achieved what you wanted – another HM under your belt and a vindication for the SMH Half in May. Onwards and upwards!

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