Ever heard of the “carrot sac”? Snookums explained to me at lunch that everybody’s got one in their stomachs where all the carrots you ever eat are sent. That’s why when you vomit there’s always carrots in it. (I swear, this is what the boy said.) I told him that this must be a quaint Australianism, because it’s certainly never entered my slang dictionary before. Have you ever heard of it?


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  1. There had to be an explanation for all the room his logical brain uses. I guess the rest is just rented head space…

  2. Oh my God, what the *@#% ? I have never heard of the carrot sac, and what a ZANY idea. Is there any more you can find about this? Are there any existing “sac”s for other miscellaneous items, i.e. brussel sprouts or chai? 😉

  3. The miracles of the human body, no? This “carrot sac” (which sounds like a really cruel high school nickname) must be next to the little pouch where all the swallowed chewing gum goes and the tiny plot of land somewhere down there where all of the swallowed watermelon seeds are sprouting, right? Makes sense to me… 🙂

  4. I have a beer and lard sac. Does that count?

    Oh, I’m just a fatty-podge…

  5. Ha! I had no idea this post would generate so many comments. Snookums was again defending the concept last night. Him and his Antipodean folklore. 🙂

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