Penny Flooring

Wow. Using pennies for flooring is a thing? I actually kind of like it. Nickels look nice too but, man, you’re getting more expensive…


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  1. Too bad this is most probably illegal with Australian money (not to mention the 1c and 2c were removed from circulation).

    “Defacing a coin includes coating the surface of the money with any sort of material.” – I think this part is aimed at people who gold plate coins and sell them as jewelry, but would probably apply equally to the resin used to bind them to the floor.

  2. Again, it’s the “sticking” that could potentially get you into trouble. I’d say getting a glass-topped desk and sandwiching the coins under the glass should be fine.

    Getting some worthless notes (preferably in huge-denomination) from a collapsed economy somewhere could lead to some fun money-related decorating.

  3. Have you ever seen tile made from recycled wine corks? I just saw it on DIY network the other day and it’s awesome! They take several and piece them together into a “tile”, you lay them, put 2 coats of poly and then apply a non-sanded grout….it’s pretty neat….

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