Oh my God. Oh my God. Can you believe this? Our whole office is clustered in the kitchen watching the news footage as it rolls in. The BBC site seems to be swamped. My cousin IMed me from the States to say she’d just seen the footage. I IMed my mom and told her to turn on the TV. My sister called from work to say she’d heard from her boss that something terrible had happened. It’s like a disaster movie.


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  1. It’s just terrifying. I’m watching the BBC news, as are all my co-workers. It’s just too bizzare to be true. The reports of people *jumping from the towers* to save themselves from fire. I just can’t believe it. Shocking

  2. We’re all watching it too. I can’t believe it. My friends are all e-mailing each other to ascertain who was in New York and whether they were safe. I can’t reach any of my family at home on the phone. It’s insane.

  3. i think i know someone who works in the WTC. i’m terrified.

  4. Oh God. I hope they’re okay.

  5. Oh shit Brigita, I hope they’re alright

  6. we just got word that they’re both ok.

    kris–do you know maura mc-something or other? she was a weasel who married a guy from my class, tom miller, a year or so ago. tom works for a mutual funds co. in the WTC.

    BIG sigh of relief.

  7. Yeah, I think so. Thank God they’re all right.

  8. They closed Lexis-Nexis, so Linda was home. She got back from NY Sunday. Her friend that she was visiting works downtown, but was running late this morning. Late enough to be safe. One of the guys on Linda’s team had a heart attack before they left work. His brother works(ed) at the WTC. No one knows anything yet.

    I’m shaking

  9. I just found out that my friend Dak was in the pentagon for work. He got out alright. I had no idea he even worked there. I need to sleep

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