RunningBlog: Week 44

Week 44
I missed last week’s report, but it would have been depressing anyway. I’ve been having increased pain in my right foot (the one that’s been bothering me all year), and then last weekend I got knocked out by a virus. So my totals for the past two weeks are fairly low.

Oct. 26: 6.01km
Oct. 27: 5.87km
Nov. 3: 6.32km
Nov. 5: 6.01km
Total this week: 12.33km (7.7mi)
Total in 2010: 822.23km (513.89mi)

It is now exactly eight weeks til the end of 2010. I am still 177.77km shy of meeting my goal of running 1000km this year. I’ll need to average 22.2km per week to hit the target. Given the state of my foot, this isn’t going to be easy. I’ve got one more race scheduled: the 10K Run 4 Fun this Sunday. After that, I’m thinking I may need to incorporate some walking and give my foot a chance to rest up. I’m going to do my best to reach the goal, whatever it takes.


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  1. Where is the foot pain? I suffered from achilles tendonities all Sept. and finally my Ortho recommended eccentric ankle drop exercises and I was a knew person! Active Release therapy also does wonders to remove scar tissue buildup.

  2. The arch/ball of my foot below the big toe joint. I had a bone scan eight months ago to rule out any fracture, and they also determined it *wasn’t* plantar fasciitis. I think it’s definitely a tendon as opposed to a muscle issue. I’m just not sure what to do for it. When it happened originally, I took two weeks off with no running at all and it didn’t improve. New shoes haven’t made much of a difference. It’s frustrating.

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