The rebirth of Sassy?

“Jane Pratt taps blogger Tavi Gevinson to revive ‘Sassy’.” As I said on Google Reader, this is one of the best gifts the universe could ever give me. Sassy was a huge, HUGE part of who I was (and who I wanted to be) in high school. I had a subscription and I read every issue voraciously. I thought Thurston Moore and Evan Dando were dreamy. I planned entries to the “Sassiest Girl in America” contest (but never followed through). I mocked Seventeen and YM. I even bought a hand-painted T-shirt (featuring a big female symbol) from the classifieds in the back and actually wore it to school.

I’ve got no idea what happened to my old magazines. They probably got chucked when I went off to college. It’s a huge source of regret. I really need to get that book.


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  1. Me too, I loved it, but it wasn’t as easily found in the UK, at least I do’t think it was. And Thurston Moore was dreamy back then and Kim Deal was the coolest.

  2. I used to get my dad to buy me copies of Sassy whenever he went to the US for work. It was fantastic. (I saw Evan Dando at the Annandale last year… he is still dreamy.)

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