Oh God. Beau works in Manhattan, right? Has anybody heard from him?


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  1. Kris–I have sent mail to both addresses but no reply yet. My friend Kevin, who lives a couple of blocks from NYU (where Beau works) is fine and says everyone’s just laying low until the smoke clears (literally). I emailed Beau at both of his addresses and I just wrote Ron to ask about him. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Thanks Max. I don’t really know him personally but I’ve appreciate reading about his adventures with the new house. I’m glad he’s (probably) okay.

  3. Word about Beau from Ron–God bless that leatheregg:
    “He’s OK. He’s working at the hospital in the ER, and expects to spend
    the night there.”

    [loud exhale]

  4. Whew. Yeah, I forgot he’s a doctor. Thanks for the update.

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