Oh God. I just remembered that I’m supposed to be hosting a dinner party tonight for my friend eMan (the one who quit last week) and his two visiting American friends. Those poor kids. I’m pretty sure neither was from the east coast, but jeez. They don’t even know how they’re going to get home at this point. And now I’m preoccupied with the correct food to serve during an international crisis. Any ideas?


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  1. two words: comfort food. grilled cheese sammiches & cream of tomato soup, mac ‘n cheese, eggs & french toast…anything that’s warm & messy. being able to eat with your hands is a plus.

    and don’t forget the homemade chocolate chip cookies. we had wine and homemade peanutbutter cookies last night…they helped.

  2. Just don’t serve burgers or Tabulleh (however you spell it). Trust me, Thai food is your best bet, or better yet, just nip down the curry house. Hot n spicey, as far removed from Western or Middle Eastern culture as possible and plenty of Australian Red wine. In fact, skip the food and get hammered. Yeah, get hammered.
    (I am actually serious)

  3. Both very good ideas. I think getting hammered is the best suggestion though. Oh, and the one where I don’t have to cook anything. So curry house it is, I guess.

  4. Hey, I wasn’t in the mood to eat anything all day yesterday, but last night? Oh yeah, baby…Wendy’s for a frosty and fries. 🙂 Comfort food is right.

  5. Shuddurp. I can’t get no Biggie Fries and a Frosty over here!

    Damn. Now you’re making me think about… Gordita and Mountain Dew. *SOB*

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