Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter
My dining room just got AWESOME.

Big Shelter order

Back in early November when the exchange rate was really good, I asked on Ravelry if anybody wanted to combine on an order of Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter. I knew that Knit Purl has free international shipping for orders over $300, so I was just hoping to reach that benchmark. Well, four knitters responded and our order ended up being $800. Eeep! Some of the colours were out of stock, so we had to wait a month til more came in. (Apparently the Shelter’s been really popular.) Finally a week ago we got notice that it had been shipped, and today it arrived! There are more photos of the glorious unboxing over on Flickr.

My selection was the 16 skeins of “Pumpernickel” (aka dark chocolate brown). It’s destined to be a Hipster Cardigan for the Snook. 🙂


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  1. OMG! Do you have a bath? I’d like to see you “bathing” in all that yarn, heh! What an order!!

  2. That looks fantastic.
    The fun of unpacking it all!

  3. Did you squish each and every skein or just one enormous squish?

  4. Ah, those beautiful colours. And I get to have some! How exciting 🙂 Thanks for organising it Kris!

  5. oh yummo! That orange is awesome, and I don’t even like orange.

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