Day 1 of Christmas Vacation

Day 1 of Christmas Vacation
After a lovely sleep-in, the Snook and I made a menu for the next five days and extrapolated a grocery list from it. Then we headed off to Broadway to: Coles (groceries), Harris Farm (veg), Baker’s Delight (mince pies), Fresh Foods (meat), Broadway Cellars (booze), and Toby’s (coffee). With all luck, we won’t need to leave the house all weekend! Back at home, we tidied up and did laundry and took out the compost. I finished off my green robot skirt (and Dr. Amy promptly sat on it). We also did the basic assembly on my IKEA Pepparkakshus (gingerbread house). For dinner, we made Teriyaki Tofu with Asian broccoli in oyster sauce. YUM.

The idea here is that if I commit to blogging what I do each day, there’s less chance I’ll just sit on the couch and knit the whole time.

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  1. But knitting is so lovely!

    Email from work, where patients are not turning up (except the ones without appointments, natch).

    Have a lovely holiday.

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