Day 2 of Christmas Vacation

Day 2 of Christmas Vacation
The Snook and I went for a 6.44km run around Newtown and Sydney Uni this morning. The Snook baked a bread, which made for a lovely lunch. I worked on the crochet granny square blanket I’m making for my new niece Olivia. I wove in all the ends on the 7 existing squares and then crocheted 3 more. (I’m aiming for 12 in total.) The Snook and I finished decorating our gingerbread house. Dinner was pork fillet with mustard sauce, roast beetroot, and mashed potatoes. *yawn* Good day!

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  1. Awe, all the kids will have something handmade from you now! My personal is Isaiah’s skull and cross bones sweater. Kara didn’t really let him wear it, mom wasn’t so impressed either. I snuck him to the Harley shop once in it though it got great remarks there! Hey dude! It’s Christmas by the way, why can’t I get ahold of you!!!

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