Swing Dress Sew-Along

I am going to be following this Swing Dress Sew-Along with interest. The pattern is pretty and I think it would be flattering on me. Unfortunately most of my craft time for the next few months is booked for Easter Show knitting, but perhaps later in the year… (Any of my friends want to have a mini-sew-along with me?!)


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  1. You know I’m totally in!!! I’ve been wanting to get that pattern for a while now. 😀

  2. I’m learning lots and really enjoying knitting along with everyone on the same socks. Maybe I could learn a lot sewing along on the same pattern? Particularly if we all agree to make a practice muslin & gently suggest fitting improvements…

  3. Sounds good to me too! And its an e-pattern? Even better!

  4. I wish there were more e-paterns. I really want to make this :
    Though not in orange, god forbid.

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