Brisbane Floods

Brisbane Floods: Before and After. Brilliant gallery from the ABC showing aerial photos of Brisbane with a neat mouseover swipe effect. I had been thinking we were pretty lucky being in Sydney, but recently I found out that Sydney had floods in 1986. Unfortunately I can’t find any resources online that describe exactly which parts of Sydney suffered. Anybody know where I can find a floodplain map?!

Update: Shite. This story has a firsthand account from someone about the ’86 floods. “The only way I could get home (to the Inner West) was to walk. There were no buses, because much of Broadway was flooded, with water around 1 metre deep all the way from Railway Square to the intersection of City Road.” GREAT.

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  1. There was a huge flood in Western Sydney ages ago – not sure if that was the 86 flood because I was only 5 at the time and I remember it today, LOL. Alot of my relatives houses were flooded and had to be built up again.

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