Cancel the Yellow Pages

Whoa! Finally the Internet does something useful! You can now cancel your Yellow Pages delivery for three years. THAT’S BRILLIANT. Those stupid dead-tree phone directories drive me up the wall. Every few months our street gets littered with stacks of them. Nobody uses them! They’re just rubbish!


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  1. I use them.
    But it is a great idea to be able to cancel them.

  2. Awesome! It used to be law that they had to deliver them, no matter what, so that’s obviously been changed. I’ve cancelled ours, since we only ever use them for door-stops….

  3. but how will short people see over the dash of their car when they drive….

  4. perhaps you do a little research before pronouncing these books as “dead-tree” items.

    While you would like to believe the industry is responsible for the neutering of forests, the reality is the Yellow Pages industry doesn’t knock down any trees for its paper!!! Let me repeat that – they don’t need to cut any trees for their paper supply.

    Currently, on average, most publishers are using about 40% recycled material (from the newspapers and magazines you are recycling curbside), and the other 60% comes from wood chips and waste products of the lumber industry. If you take a round tree and make square or rectangular lumber from it, you get plenty of chips and other waste. Those by-products make up the other 60% of the raw material needed.

    Note that these waste products created in lumber milling would normally end up in landfills. For more information go here:

  5. Good grief, a Yellow Pages apologist! How do you get the Internet in 1978?

    “Deadtree” is common Internet speak for anything printed on paper. I didn’t say a damn thing about whether the paper itself was recycled or not. It could be 100% recycled and I’d still complain. It’s a giant freakin’ book that gets delivered to me whether I want it or not on a regular basis. Most of the ones I see in our street just get chucked back into the recycling bin (or the trash). Restaurant flyers stuck in my postbox are bad enough; the Yellow Pages is like 5000 of them all at once. I haven’t looked in an actual Yellow Pages directory in many years. Why the heck would I? And their online listings are terrible as well.

    I just resent the fact that – up til now – there’s been no way to opt out of this process. These Sensis guys sell their ad space on the basis of how many directories they give out, when in reality I’m guessing a LOT of the stupid books are simply thrown out. The whole system should be opt-in. I shouldn’t have to cart out big heavy rubbish every few months to support someone else’s dying business model.

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