Hey, Brigita. Notre Dame’s got pictures from the prayer vigil they held on South Quad Tuesday. Over 6,000 people were there. Looking at them really made me choke up.

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  1. oh wow. just when i think i’ve cried all my tears…

    somehow the news (to me, anyhow) that U2 is scheduled to play at the JACC in october isn’t quite as exciting anymore.

  2. I know what you mean.

    Hey, has J heard anything from the military?

  3. nothing out of the ordinary. still…i think a part of the reason why i’m feeling so fragile is knowing that it’s entirely possible that he’ll have to deploy much earlier than scheduled (next august).

    oh GOD i just want to be able to get married as planned! and live a long, happy life with the love of my life, of course. i hate to admit it, but i’m really scared, kris.

    he’s said many times that he’s safer on a ship in the gulf than those of us back here, but i can’t help thinking…

    sometimes i think too much. 🙁

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