Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman!
Last Sunday I went for my longest run ever: just over 14 miles (22.6km). I was well-prepared. I taped my injured foot myself. I put Voltaren on all my niggling sore places. I had my water belt and four packets of Endura gel for nutrition. I’d also lined up The Other Kris to meet me half-way and run a bit together. It was great! The whole run went perfectly. I first ran through Newtown to Sydney Park, where I did a little tour of the wetlands and cricket ground. Then I headed through the industrial wasteland of Alexandria on my way to Centennial Park. I met Kris in the park and we ran about 6km together. My planning was spot-on, as I finished the two loops in the park with exactly 3.5km left to run home. The Snook met me on Cleveland Street and ran the rest of the way back to the house with me. Then I drank two chocolate milks and had an ice bath. 🙂

Such an amazing run merited a reward, I decided. Issy mentioned on Twitter that the MAC Wonder Woman line was finally available. I’m not a huge make-up wearer, but who can resist bright red lippie in a Wonder Woman case? I stopped by DJ’s last night to try it on and ended up buying it.

Wonder Woman lippie

I love it! (I tweeted an Instagram version that’s more dramatic.) When I finish my next – even longer! – long run, I might have to reward myself with another item from the collection…


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  1. Well done on the run and ooooh on the lippy. Feel the need to pop into the city. mmm. M|Not much of a make up wearer either but as I head to my 40s I’m thinking of reviewing that rule. Great colour.
    (and a wonderwoman case? no contest.)

  2. I am so totally copying you on that lipstick. I might have to buy all of them. SO COOL!

    And can I just say (without I hope sounding weird) that you have the perfect shaped lips for lipstick!

  3. Awww, thanks! (And RoseRed – without sounding like an egomaniac – I have thought that myself! And yet I don’t often wear it. Weird.)

  4. Your run is in the shape of Australia – with a loop to encompass NZ. Or is that an enlarged Tasmania you have on the right? And how did you make your eyes look so googly and huge? Very cute!

  5. Googly!? Must just be the iPhone lens distorting it somehow. 🙂

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