RunningBlog: Week 9

Week 9
This week saw me do my longest distance ever! On Sunday (as mentioned previously) I ran over 14 miles. It took me just over three hours doing a 1:1 run/walk. I felt surprisingly great during the run, but ever since I’ve felt run-down and a bit flu-ey. I’m not sure if I’m actually fighting off some sort of virus or if it’s just because of the stress of the run. At any rate, I took Monday and Tuesday off to recover. (I didn’t actually have much muscle soreness, which is good!) Wednesday I did my Spudds class and felt pretty great. Thursday morning I went for an easy run just to shake out the soreness from Spudds. And today… today I got my orthotics! They feel weird. He wants me to walk around in them for a few days before I attempt a run. Luckily this is a cutback week so I’ve only got 8K scheduled for Sunday.

Feb. 27: 22.61km
Mar. 3: 6.00km
Total this week: 28.61km (17.88mi)
Total in 2011: 207.64km (129.77mi)

To meet my goal of running 1100km in 2011, I should be at 190km right now. So I’ve built up a considerable cushion. The goal for March is to continue to follow my training plan and to avoid getting sick or injured!


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  1. Really well done. Hope the orthotics work for you. But try to get a facsia massage too.

    BTW should the year in your ytd stats be 2011?

  2. Whoops! Thanks, I fixed it. I got so used to typing 2010 in these last year it’s a hard habit to break. 🙂

    I’ve been doing some self-massage by rolling a frozen bottle around on the bottom of my foot. The podiatrist has also given me some stretches to do. The orthotics felt less weird yesterday, so hopefully within a couple days they’ll be completely normal.

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