Weekend Update

Weekend Update:

  • Saturday morning was the Knitters Guild AGM. I was dreading it, but it ended up being okay. The new Constitution was unanimously approved (thank goodness). I also announced my resignation as Website Convenor.
  • Sunday morning we went to see The King’s Speech, and we both really enjoyed it. How did I not know Jennifer Ehle was in that movie? And Mr. Collins! It was like a total Pride & Prejudice reunion.
  • After the movie, the Snook and I went shopping and he bought a pair of sneakers. This is much more momentous than it sounds.
  • Sunday afternoon the Snook shredded up the confit duck he made last week and we ate it on toasted garlic ciabatta. It was wonderful. Later when I was running a five-miler around the neighbourhood it felt not-so-wonderful.

Onwards and upwards…


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  1. The sneakers are very cool but not as cool as your “wonder woman” lips 😉

    Your duck dinner Y.U.M !! ..as is your Sunday snack 🙂

  2. But Jennifer didn’t have her heaving bosoms which I remember from those empire line dresses.
    Clare didn’t recognise her, and I was saying ‘P&P’ – apparently she’s never seen it!

  3. Yeah, and with the grey hair I didn’t even recognise her in her first scene. I just mentally thought, “Huh, she kinda looks like Jennifer Ehle. Wait. IS that Jennifer Ehle?” and it took me like three more scenes til I was sure. Plus the Aussie accent. 🙂

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