I haven’t mentioned them yet… but I do want one, of course.


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  1. quickly – have i told you about chad’s addiction to bidding on laptops on auction sites? he won two powerbooks and an ibook in the last month and has purchased *zero* of them. it cracks me up. he e-mailed one of the sellers and told her he was in a car accident, and that’s why he couldn’t buy her item. he’s become a fucking mac-geek, right before my eyes. you two might want to get together sometime, and discuss the specs of the new powerbook g4 or something……

    (damn it!)

  2. He better be careful. He’ll get kicked off! And technically auctions are binding legal contracts, so somebody could probably sue him if they wanted.

    Besides, it’s just a crappy thing to do. I put Andrew’s iMac up for sale on eBay a couple years ago and the guy who won backed out of the sale. I still ended up having to pay for the damn auction anyway, and I reported him to eBay. And as Mr. Snook says, “what a wanker.”

  3. i know, he always pays for the seller’s fees for the auction. so his rating hasn’t gone down any. he’s not a wanker, just an idiot.

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