The basics

I wore my Road to Golden today, and it prompted a girl in my office to comment, “I need to get back to knitting. I mean, I know all the basics – except how to purl – but I used to knit and knit…”


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  1. oh thats good shes got the basics. she could totally do the colour work in ‘road to golden’ then….

  2. So? What’s wrong with only being able to knit garter stitch? It’s endlessly entertaining.

  3. Haha, Lyn, no disrespect intended for garter stitch, of course! I was having a snarky laugh at the fact that she thought she had the basics down… despite only knowing one of the two stitches. (This is the same person who, upon seeing St. Brigid last year, asked me non-ironically if I knew how to purl.)

  4. ahhahaha – this is funny as are the comments ! ;D

  5. without purls there would be no nancy bush socks lyn 🙂 im sure your learned colleague would know how to knit socks, non-ironically of course.

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