I got a mysterious phone call from my friend Kathleen yesterday, saying she had something that would help me out with all my “foodie projects.” Hmmm. After some amusing miscommunication (I thought maybe she had a source for raw milk), she confessed that she’s now a Thermomix rep! I’d heard of these things before. They used them on Masterchef last year, and they’ve been getting pretty rave reviews. It’s hard to categorise them – they’re like a blender crossed with a food processor crossed with a heating element. You can’t buy them in shops; they’re only sold via personal demonstrations (which is what Kathleen is doing). Everyone who’s used one seems to rave about it. Unfortunately they’re pretty pricey, and our kitchen funds are earmarked for new countertops and a fridge. But I promised her I’d blog about it, so if you think you might be interested (and you’re in Sydney), leave me a comment and I’ll put you in touch!


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  1. i’ve always been a bit intrigued by them but had friends who became reps and their hard sell made amway seem tame…..

  2. Hey Kris – thanks for the blog, I owe you one!

    Bells – I’m sorry to hear that you had the ‘hard sell’ put on you – it’s a really great solution and all we try to do is to show people a great way to cook nutritious food, cheaply and easily. It works out to be a really fun night!

  3. it’s basically an expensive baby food maker – and everything tastes like baby food from them. It was originally designed as a baby food maker and starting at $2000 it is a very expensive one to boot

    Great for slow cooking sauces and molecular gastronomy style food

  4. It’s great for a whole lot more than baby food and sauces. If you care to know more, just check out my blog. (No,I am not affiliated with the company and do not sell the machine but yes, you will get the perspective of a hard-core fan.)

  5. I get that the people who have them really love them. I just don’t think they’d do much for us. We already buy mostly fresh food and enjoy cooking things from scratch. I don’t buy lots of jarred sauces or things in cans. So I think for us, it would just be another (expensive) device taking up counter space.

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