Todd’s Salmon

Celebrity sighting at Spudds gym! Twice now while our Wednesday lunchtime class has been going on, a guy has come in early for his personal training session. I recognised him immediately. It was Brendan Cowell! Yesterday I got up the nerve to say hello as I was heading out the door.

Me: Sorry to bother you – but were you on Life Support on SBS?
Him: Yeah, that was me.
Me: You were brilliant. That smoked salmon dish you made… I thought my husband was going to die.

He had a chuckle and repeated the punchline about capers (“They used to be pretty hard to find, but now they’re available basically everywhere!”) for me and Spudd. Heh.

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  1. oh very nice celeb spotting – how good of him to recite the line. We LOVED that show.

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