Month: June 2001 (page 1 of 9)

I didn’t find much bloggable today. I think I’ve got an addiction to online content. When there isn’t enough new stuff, I get bored and cranky. I’ll sit here obsessively clicking through my list of links, just waiting for the magic moment when Max or Brigita will publish their new material for the day. Obviously I’m having a bit of a slow period at work. Which is part of it, because I should remember that not everybody spends 10 hours a day online like I do. Other people have lives. Maybe I should try to get one of those.
Anyhoo, my home life will be experiencing a much needed change anyway… because my sister is arriving this Monday to live with me for a few months! Yes, Amy’s going to give London a shot. And contrary to popular believe, no, I’m not forcing her to earn her keep as our housemaid. We’re gonna get her set up in a pub job so we can score lots of free beer. You know, the summer is looking up already!

Huge hugs and good luck go out to my buddy Tara D, who’s competing in this acting/comedy/improv “Survivor” type thing at a Chicago theater tonight. It’s actually been going on for over a month now, and every show a few more people get voted off. Her opening monologue (which I saw when I went home last month) was a dramatic reading of New Kids on the Block’s “Hangin’ Tough.” HILARIOUS. TARA D IS THE STAR OF TOMORROW! And if she wins, she gets five hundred bucks! I wish I were there to vote for her. Good luck TD!

Not that I was really looking forward to seeing it or anything, but it really cheeses me off that the UK will be seeing a censored version of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. What, it’s okay for 12-year-olds to perv on a woman with 34DD breasts, but we can’t show her headbutting anybody? The knives and throat chops are probably the only highlights of the whole sucky movie.

Heh. I guess Ironminds saw that Salon interview with “Komo” too.

Hooray! The second Harry Potter trailer is officially up at You’re supposed to watch the embedded file, but sneaky me poked around in the source code to find this link to the file itself. Just right-click and “Save Target As…” to your own hard drive. (This is the high-quality version and it looks to be over 25MB. I’m still downloading it myself, so I’m not even 100% sure that it’ll work. I’ll let you know.)
Update: It works! Of course, I had to uninstall and reinstall Quicktime 5 about three times, but I finally got it to play with sound. It looks FANTASTIC. I love the kid who plays Neville. The brooms looked much cooler and less cheesy than I thought. I thought the scar would be a little more prominent. I want an owl. Whew. I gotta go watch it again!

How did I miss this? Pet-Care Tips from the Onion. My favorite: “Pet rabbits often benefit from a glass of white wine and light breading in a rosemary butter sauce.” Hee!

Holy crap! I was totally wrong about the UK-recognizing-gay-unions thing yesterday. Apparently as of September, lesbians and gay men living in London will be able to register their relationships. It doesn’t confer the legal status of “married”, but “it is hoped that it will be accepted as evidence in any dispute or civil action over tenancy, pension or immigration rights.” It’s a step, kids. (I wonder how this affects that hunger strike?)

Hey, Naked Man is at it again! That nudist I told you about before is planning to get nekkid in public again on July 1. You should check out the paintings he’d done in his spare time. The one at the bottom cracked me up.

Salon posted a story written by Komo, the dragon that bit Phil Bronstein. I might find it funnier if Ironminds hadn’t written almost the same thing over a week ago.

Very interesting. A company called zTrace has invented software to trace stolen laptops. We’ve had several stolen from our office this year. As more and more companies supply employees with laptops to work from home, this kind of service could get very lucrative.