Month: April 2003 (page 1 of 7)

Calling Kylie fans… Somebody’s selling her high school yearbook!

Somebody left a box of fortune cookies on the table in our office kitchen, so I grabbed one. My fortune:

Brisbane’s cost of doing business is cheaper than Sydney. See how much you could save with our supply chain analysis offer.

A crummy commercial!

Hmmm. I need some help. My Mom sent me one of those Jello Jiggler Easter egg molds, but the first batch yesterday didn’t go very well. The eggs all broke in half when I tried to get them out (even after running hot water over the mold), and the halves themselves weren’t as stiff as I remembered. Do you have to modify the basic Jello recipe at all for Jigglers? I was thinking that maybe I should use less water and that would stiffen them up a bit. Any ideas, either for the recipe or the unmolding process?

Geek Nirvana
Oh yes. The Snook and I will be extras in Star Wars, if I have to lie, steal, cheat, or even kill to get us in. (Can you tell I watched Gone With the Wind last weekend?) How frickin’ cool would that be? I’m sending in our details right now.

The five worst live rock performances ever. Actually that’s a weird list. Four out of the five are in Australia, which made me think that it was strictly an Australian list. But then they throw in Oasis at Wembley (which is in England), which throws the whole thing into doubt.

The big news Down Under today is that a major pharmaceutical company has lost its license and has sparked the biggest medical product recall in Australian history. Check out the list of products. They make just about every generic vitamin supplement on the market! In fact, newsreaders tonight found it easier to tell us which products weren’t being recalled rather than go through the whole list of ones that were. Apparently the investigation was triggered when a lot of people suddenly reported bad side effects from an over-the-counter motion sickness pill: “Some people were very, very ill and tried to jump out of planes and off ships because of the hallucinatory effect it had.” Yikes. I’ve checked through our supply of vitamins and thankfully we’re all clear. Hooray for Blackmore’s!

The current Ask Yahoo! is all about learning to knit, if you beginners need some help.

Woohoo! And we have our first Big Brother scandal of the year. Apparently one of the sixteen housemates had to pull out of the show minutes before it started, while another has been revealed to have quit the police force in disgrace after allegedly “exposing” himself.

Big Brother 3 has started, and yours truly has volunteered to be a forum moderator. I have no idea what my duties will entail. I like the idea of putting the smack down on 13-year-old snivelling AOL trolls though!

The May Day Project - Saturday May 10th 2003Tracey has launched the Mayday Project. On the 10th of May, volunteers will take photos to illustrate a day in their life. Sounds interesting…