Month: September 2003 (page 1 of 8)

Woohoo! The Amazing Race has been renewed for a fifth season. Bring on Team Attention-Starved Teachers!

Yet Another Gym Malady.
Tonight I was happily doing my lifting routine when the weirdest thing happened. I’d just done my “Front Raise”, which is this exercise my trainer gave me where I get in a push-up position (except on my elbows) and hold myself there for 20 seconds. It’s good for your abs, I guess. Anyway, I’d just finished that when suddenly both of my feet cramped up at once. I’ve had the occasional painful foot cramp, but never two at the same time! I could barely walk. It was all I could do to grab my things and hobble home, where I paced and stretched and winced and swore until they finally relaxed. They still hurt. I guess this is the final glaring sign that I need some new gym shoes, huh?

Ebert’s obituary for Elia Kazan is worth a read. I’m going to have to try to find Kazan’s autobiography at the library sometime.

I feel like I’m in a blog-reading rut. Does anybody have any great new suggestions for sites I should be reading? Here’s what I like: frequently updated sites with lots of links and a good mix of commentary from smart, interesting people. (Example: virulent memes, an excellent Aussie blog I’ll be bookmarking.) I can only stomach pure diary/journal sites when I know the person, so don’t bother with those. So… where should I go today?

Gruesome Flash Fun: Could you perform open heart surgery? The results of my first attempt as an intern were not good: “Your ineptitude has ended the patient’s life.” Ouch!

Woohoo! Survivor: Pearl Islands has finally premiered and the Snook and I loved it. We’re big Rupert fans. I cheered when he stole the stupid team’s shoes.

Memo to self: Bookmark this Dr. Who Scarf Page when you get home.

The Sydney Morning Herald has published its list of the world’s best blogs. *sniff* I am not on it.

Donald O’Connor has died. I’ll have to watch Singin’ in the Rain tonight in his memory.

My Triumphant Return to Body Pump… Not.
Determined to follow my new personal trainer’s recommendations, I attended my first pump class in over a year yesterday. I used the lowest weight possible and it still killed. At one point I was trying to do lunges and my legs were trembling so badly I couldn’t balance. When I asked the instructor about it I got a five minute lecture on the importance of eating breakfast before class. (Apparently when you don’t, your body goes into famine mode and your muscles go all wonky and the Baby Jesus cries. Yeah, yeah, but it was at 9 a.m. on a Saturday! The guy should be happy I made it there at all.) Anyway I skipped my scheduled cardio because I Can’t. Friggin’. Walk. Every bit of my body hurts today. <cartman>You guys, my ass, seriously…</cartman>