Month: October 2003 (page 1 of 10)

Sorry, Dad. I’ve joined the NRA Blacklist. Nobody needs assault weapons to kill deer!

Hee! CouchCam is now BlankWallCam as we’ve moved the furniture around for the party. I’m not sure yet if we’ll be broadcasting live from the festivities, as I think the Snook’s planning on pulling up our network cable (so our guests don’t trip on it). Regardless, the digital camera is ready for some action…

Happy Halloween

Everyone should start Halloween off with a disturbing sight, right? With that in mind, I give you the Penis Bear. Yes, click on that image and check out the close-up. I discovered Penis Bear earlier in the week when a co-worker pointed him out. There he was, sitting nonchalantly in the back window of a random beat up Ford. He’s been there ever since. I couldn’t resist sneaking up to take a photo. Who manufactures such a thing? Why is he uncircumsized? Who in my office is actually weird enough to drive around with this in their car? The world may never know.

Girlie SOS!
I’ve got the vinyl pants. I’ve got the skanky top. I’ve even got the push-up bra. But for me to really be Sarah Michelle Gellar tomorrow night, I need a face pancaked with Maybelline products. I’m terrible at applying makeup but I’ve got the basic supplies. So tell me, oh glamour girls, how would you go about getting Buffy’s look? (I’m going for Season 2 Buffy, if that matters.) Please be as detailed as possible with your application instructions because I’m a dork and if there’s a way to get it wrong, I will. 🙂

Thanks to Rent-a-Chook, I’m now obsessed with the idea of raising chickens in our backyard. They could eat all the scraps that the worms don’t and weed our garden too! And they’d make lots of yummy free range eggs for us. The only problem is our apartment; I’m not sure the landlord would approve. Drat. There go my fantasies of living The Good Life.

“Not all Americans are evil.” A well-appreciated essay from Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation. (Link courtesy of Expats Against Bush.)

At the request of Mia, I’ve pulled out all my Atkins-related posts and put them on one page. (She’s just starting it; good luck Mia!) Some of them seem a little random because the initial post has nothing to do with Atkins but the comments discussion gradually drifted that way. You know how it is.

Thanks to Amy for the heads up about Spellbound returning to Sydney cinemas. I was disappointed to have missed it the first time so I’m definitely planning to go. I missed going to the National Spelling Bee by four places in junior high. I won our County Bee but only finished fifth in the regionals. Can’t say I regret it though, as it sounds like a nightmare of stress.

Ebert adds Alien to his list of Great Movies. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never actually seen it!

Ted from Queer Eye and The Elf from Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerSeparated at birth? Hahahaha. I love Ted.