Thanks to Rent-a-Chook, I’m now obsessed with the idea of raising chickens in our backyard. They could eat all the scraps that the worms don’t and weed our garden too! And they’d make lots of yummy free range eggs for us. The only problem is our apartment; I’m not sure the landlord would approve. Drat. There go my fantasies of living The Good Life.


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  1. Eungai Chickens pty

    October 30, 2003 — 9:22 pm

    Don’t you dare rent a chook when my six chickens are just the right size to leave home!! Their mum runs off for time away from the demande of off-spring as often as possible now. One slight problem…. they all still peep, no clucking or crowing, so you might end up with a rooster, and be oh so popular with the neighbours!

  2. Hee! Actually the Rent-A-Chook site says it’s illegal to keep a rooster in the city. You can keep chooks though as long as their pen is more than 4 meters from the house. Not sure our courtyard is big enough though…

  3. Hmm. I clicked on the Rent-a-Chook link, and get a “FORBIDDEN BY RATING CHECK” message from the firewall. I can only guess that site must be chock-full of nefarious chicken torture or something.

  4. I’m lucky to have in-laws that live on a farm, so we get fresh eggs from their hens. It’s amazing how orange the yolks are compared to the un-fresh yellow ones you buy in the store. The only ‘bad’ thing about the eggs is they vary in size, so you have to watch when you use them for baking since a lot of recipes expect ‘large’ eggs.

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