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Tropical Iceland

In case you’re like me and that weird “tropicool… icy icy” song from the Just Jeans commercial has been stuck in your head, relief is at hand. I just tracked it down. It’s actually called “Tropical Iceland” and it’s by some band called the Fiery Furnaces. Now I can sleep at night.

Knitting article

Knitting article in today’s Herald. Not bad, actually, but I wish the author had mentioned some of the numerous Australian knitting sites and groups, as there’s plenty to talk about here without giving London’s “Cast Off” more needless publicity.

The Mystery of Britney’s Breasts

The Mystery of Britney Spears’s Breasts. (Note: Probably not safe for work.) Compelling. As most women know, some size fluctuation is to be expected (from being hormonal, gaining weight, etc). And in a couple of those shots, she could theoretically be wearing a Wonderbra. But still… That’s some big fluctuation, especially since she’s clearly flat-chested in a couple of the photos.

A Very Starbucks Proposal

Sorry, Sis, but this is how you pull off an unforgettable wedding proposal. Awww, so sweet I could puke! But in a good way. (And the groom’s in the cult… Nice.)

Sports Med 101

Sports Med 101
It’s three weeks to the race… and I’ve hurt myself. I had a good run Saturday on the treadmill, doing 6km at my target pace. I felt great that night. (Of course, I did have a wee bit to drink.) At no time – either during the run or later when we went out – did I twist or roll my ankle. Yet somehow when I woke up Sunday, my left ankle was a bit stiff and sore. It’s gotten progressively worse from walking on it. Today I wince every time I take a step. What’s going on? I was hoping it was just some stiffness I’d be able to work through, but now I’m guessing it’s probably an injury that needs rest. How long should I stay off it? Are there any exercises I can do to keep up my training in these last few weeks?

Update: It seems to be getting better. It never swelled up or anything, just ached a bit. I’m thinking I just pushed myself too hard. A few days rest and we seem to be back to normal.


Still recovering from Amy‘s birthday celebration and the severe beating she gave me both at pool and Sega Rally. She’s a shark, I tell ya!

Rowling blesses fan fic

JK Rowling has given Harry Potter fan fiction her seal of approval… as long as it’s not slash. Sorry, Moire.

Ron is my brother.

The stars of Harry Potter guess how the series will end: Harry will die, Ron may turn evil, and Hermione will end up with Ron. My favorite bit is the very last sentence: “Grint said he was still hoping to stay in the series although it would mean giving up his childhood dream of being an ice-cream man.” Hey, that’s my brother Anthony’s dream too!

SMH spoiler warning!

Wow. I hit the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald today and was surprised to see an actual spoiler warning next to a link to this article about the American Idol winner. I’ve never seen a major news publication do that before. Neat!

Pop vs. Soda

Pop vs. Soda – a color-coded map of the United States. I feel sorry for my sister, having left the cozy “pop” confines of Indiana for the crazy “soda” land of California. Unfortunately I myself have lost the “pop” habit a bit (since nobody in the UK or Australia understands it). I still say “pop machine” and “case of pop” though.