Month: August 2005 (page 1 of 8)

Dudhi Channige

The Snook and I decided to be non-carnivores tonight so we made up a batch of clare‘s dudhi channige. It’s basically a sort of lentil curry. We subbed in red lentils (since we didn’t have any chana dal) and, as per Clare’s substitution, sweet potato and carrot for the bottlegourd. Yummy! Oh, but I forgot to get fresh chilies, so we didn’t really have any. It was still good, but I could sense how it’s gonna be great next time…

Selective Blindness

Selective blindness.
I’ve just realized that there’s been a bottle of maple syrup sitting on my living room coffee table for, like, three weeks. See, right there on CouchCam! This is what comes of liking pancakes too much.

Sports Collisions

Sports Illustrated presents Famous Sports Collisions. Yow. I was sorta flicking through like “Yep… yep…” until I got to this one, which stopped me DEAD IN MY TRACKS. Just how in the world does a catcher end up like that?


Woohoo, StorTroopers are back! I can’t wait to have a play around with these. (Link courtesy of Brigita.)


These links are definitely not safe for work (nor my parents), but AskMetafilter has been dispensing some pretty interesting sex advice lately. Just so you know.

Darn it.

I was all excited to get in on the iPod class action lawsuit and claim my $25… til the Snook pointed out that I never had a battery issue with my first gen player. In fact, when I tested mine after two years of use, it was still playing for eleven hours off one charge. Three-and-a-half years on, it’s still chugging along for Amy (in her bitchin’ new iPod cozy). I’d definitely say that was my best Apple purchase ever in terms of value for money. We’ve played the hell out of that thing.

Not again.

Not again. Old people + knitting shop with curved staircase = grannies flyin’ all over the place. It’s like that Eddie Murphy sketch where he imitates his Aunt Bunny falling down the stairs. BOOM BOOM CRASH – “Oh Lord, help me!” – CRASH THUMP BOOM… (I’m not being that callous. Nobody’s been seriously hurt. They’re just too entranced with the wool to watch where they’re going.)

Cats in Sinks

Cats in Sinks. Pretty self-explanatory. Here’s my cat in the sink. (Link courtesy of John.)

Taiwanese Style Meatballs

Note to self: See if the Asian grocery in World Square has Taiwanese pickled cucumer (hua gua) so I can make Pinkcocoa’s Taiwanese Style Meatballs, because they sound really yummy.

Idol sighting!

Eek! Crumpet met Chanel and Daniel from last year’s Australian Idol! They’re actually the two I wouldn’t mind meeting myself. They seemed the most normal and friendly.