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Trick or treat!

We had a trick-or-treater tonight! It was a little girl with her dad. I gave her a glow-in-the-dark plastic skull full of candy, which was all I had left. (I took the rest of the party leftovers to work today.) They were nice and I turned the skeleton lights on for them, but I really wish non-American trick-or-treaters would learn that you don’t go to houses without their porch lights on! It was pure luck I had the candy. These are the unwritten rules, world! Learn them.

Iron Chef

Happy Halloween!
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you eccentric millionaire Chairman Kaga (founder of Kitchen Stadium), and Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, the “Delacroix of French cuisine.”

Kaga and Sakai

More photos are forthcoming, but in the meantime Amy’s put a couple up on Flickr. The Other Andrew also has a write-up. (We had bloggers all over the place!) And yes, at one point in the night the Snook *did* take a bite of that pepper. 🙂

Knitted Digestive Tract

Knitted Digestive Tract. That’s kinda neat! And remember the knitted uterus from before? It’s like some Mad Knitting Scientist is creating a WoolMonster, one set of organs at a time… (Link courtesy of Nora.)

Royal Easter Show

Note to Sydney knitters: The Entry Guidelines for the Royal Easter Show have been posted! Deadline is December 9th. I’m definitely entering something this year…


I went to meet a hypnotherapist this morning. No, REALLY. It’s just that I’ve kinda lost my “oomph” with regards to the weight loss, you know? It was easy at the beginning when it was all a novelty, but now I’m all, “Ehhh, I’m bored” and I’m starting to think about food again all the time. And I still lack the ability to stop eating when I’m full. So I looked at a bunch of websites and contacted the one that looked the least creepy. She turned out to be extremely professional and nice, and she thinks that I’d be an “ideal candidate” for the process. (And no, she doesn’t tell everybody that; I made her tell me about people who *wouldn’t* be right for it.) So I think I’m gonna give it a go. First session is next Friday. (What, you think I’m gonna do it before the candy extravaganza that is tomorrow night? No way!)


Hank is giving away two copies of a new book about Degrassi Junior High, so head over there if you’re interested. I reserve the right to mock your lameness, though, if you do.

New HP Scene

My cousin Jenny just e-mailed me a heads-up that there’s a new Goblet of Fire scene available online. It shows the chaos at the Quidditch World Cup and ends with…… who the hell is that conjuring the Dark Mark? I thought Winky was the one who did it. (Or rather it was the invisible Barty Crouch Jr. with Harry’s wand, but Winky took the fall for it.) Are they cutting Winky out entirely? Who’s that guy? This is a pretty major plot point they’re messing with. That said, the Dark Mark looks pretty kewl.


Inspired by Brigita and Reen, I’ve created my own Frappr map. Basically, you go there and add yourself to the map so we can all see where the web-goddess readers live. (You can also add a comment and a picture if you want.) Yeah, I know, it’s essentially a navel-gazing exercise but I’m actually interested to see how many Yanks I have versus Aussies. I’m guessing the Yanks would win, but maybe I’ll be surprised… So go add yourself, okay? It’ll take two seconds.

Note: I have to say, that’s a pretty neat service. It works just fine with both my Mac and my international address, which normally cause most other webapps to puke. So no excuses!

Heh. Rupert “Ron Weasley” Grint got fugged, but it was pretty good-natured. I thought the hair was weird myself, but then I rediscovered my teenage girl crush on boys with long locks. *sigh*

Cut-Up Cakes

Cut-Up Cakes – an old cookbook that shows women how to turn ordinary sheet cakes into dyed coconut monstrosities. It’s like baking a tangram. Who wants to eat a swan? And “Fanny the Fish” is just wrong in any culture…