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Happy Halloween! We’re in full swing of party preparations here…

Boba Fett!

Boba FettThat bounty hunter is my kind of scum!
The Snook and I both discovered rather last minute that some folks in our respective offices would be dressing up for Halloween. I quickly laid claim to the Snook’s Boba Fett helmet. As I was getting dressed this morning, I lamented that I didn’t have a blaster. “Yes you do!” Snookums said. “Your stepmom got you one for Christmas years ago. It’s still in the package!” And so it was! Frickin’ awesome. I brought along a bunch of stuff to decorate my desk and cracked open a bag of candy corn for my co-workers. (The Snook went as Indiana Jones, but I haven’t gotten a picture yet.)

And no, these aren’t our official costumes for the party tomorrow… You’ll have to wait another day!

RIP Josephine

RIP Josephine. At least I got to meet her before she died!

Halloween grinchiness

Awww, it appears my efforts to Bring Halloween to the Australian People are foundering. I’ll turn the grinches around, you’ll see!

Cake Eyeballs

Cake Eyeballs
Whoa! These turned out so good. You’ll recall that in previous years I made Buck Eye Balls, which were peanut butter balls dipped in white chocolate. This year I decided to take a page from Carbolicious Cakes (my sister’s company) and try my hand at the ubiquitous cake balls. They turned out so well! One of them fell into the chocolate completely, so we got to taste it. Eileen immediately pronounced them “so delicious!” Now we just have to NOT EAT THEM before the party.

Cake Eyeballs

I can smell that apple.

Wow. Just looking at these 80’s scratch-n-sniff stickers immediately brought back sense memories. I distinctly remember getting the apple and popcorn ones from one of my grade school teachers. (Link courtesy of PCJM.)

Chippendale Fresh Food Co-Op

The Chippendale Fresh Food Co-Op has officially launched! We’re going to sign up.

Comic Book Character

What a fantastic Halloween costume! A Real Comic Book Character. That is so cool.


My 461 bus unexpectedly terminated at Town Hall this morning because of “an accident.” I grumbled my way up Park Street towards work expecting to see some minor fender bender. Instead… taxi SMASH! Whoa! The engine block was actually sitting on the sidewalk! It was nuts. It’s a good thing it happened so early in the morning; from 8am onwards there would’ve been loads of pedestrians waiting on that corner to cross the street.

RSPCA Cupcake Day 2009

The RSPCA have posted a Thank You video for Cupcake Day 2009. There’s a Cookie Monster Cupcake (not mine, but very similar) at 1:05.