Paterno got fired?

Holy crap, Paterno got fired?! I’m totally reeling. I read about the Penn State molestation scandal earlier in the week but figured Paterno would probably escape unscathed. Upon hearing the news, the students predictably rioted. Man, this is just crazy.

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  1. I don’t get this. Without being ageist, why would you want someone holding a position like this into their 80s? How come he is such an icon? (Genuinely curious)

  2. Joe Paterno was always revered as one of the good guys, M-H. I’m not a huge fan of college football, but even so I had the idea that Joe ran a clean program that valued integrity and honour. He’s practically an institution at that university, one that makes them MILLIONS of dollars each year. His longetivity just feeds into the myth. Interestingly, he also just surpassed the record for the most total career wins… just one week ago. (Cynical folks like myself wonder if perhaps the timing of this story indicates it was suppressed so as to let the old man have his day in the sun.)

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