Fauxvember Update

Hipster MoFauxvember Update
We are eleven days into the month, and as you can see the Snook’s ‘tache is progressing nicely. His fundraising tally is now up to $65, and he’s closing in on his target of $100! (Special thanks to Sally and Anonymous for contributing.) I’ve been trying to convince him that he needs to “incentivise” people to donate… something like maybe JOINING TWITTER if he hits triple digits? So if you’d like to join me in putting pressure there, please consider donating. And Sing Ho! for a Mo!


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  1. gosh he looks so different with a mo & glasses ..of course not in a bad way just in a kinda of different way 😀

  2. You’ve convinced me. And a few others – he’s at $120 now.

  3. Mark and I are going to contribute – after the 14th (payday) 🙂

    Mark even was playing along until he forgot and shaved it off one day. Maybe next year!

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