The Single Life

The Single Life
So, it’s been an interesting week, so say the least. As many of you know, Mr. Snook took off last weekend for a three week work trip to the Google headquarters in Mountain View. This will be the longest we’ve been apart since I had had a similar trip four years ago. As with the last time, I was looking forward to it a little bit. It’s a change of pace, and we get to prove we’re not – as Max taught me four years ago – “sublunary”. So the Snook left on Sunday, and my friend Kylie stayed a couple nights on that first long weekend to keep me company. And I’ve been on my own ever since.

In practical matters it’s been fine. I had built up a large cache of frozen leftovers so I don’t feel the pressure to cook every night. I’ve been good about making a hot breakfast every morning (and my own coffee, now that Snookums taught me how to use the espresso machine). I’ve been scooping the litterbox and keeping the cats fed. The house is still relatively tidy. I’m handling it.

The difficult part has been that this is one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had at work in a long time. I’ve got one big project coming to an end and several more ramping up to start. I’ve been doing 10-12 hours days (combination of time in office plus time on the computer late at night) and it’s wearing me down. My stomach has been bothering me again and I’ve been guzzling Gaviscon. Luckily the cold I was pretty sure I’d caught last weekend never fully eventuated (I might have killed it with alcohol the night before Snookums left), or else I’d really be in bad shape. I haven’t had any bad insomnia, but the sleep I’m getting isn’t super restful either. So yeah, a challenging week to be without the one person who always takes care of me when I get like this. I’m really looking forward to the weekend…

And since I know you’re interested, Mr. Snook seems to be having a great time in Mountain View. He’s staying in a decent hotel and catching a bus to the Google campus every day. He seems to have good Internet access both at work and the hotel, so I’ve been able to chat with him for a while each day. This week is all orientation, and next week his conference starts. I’m really proud of him and I hope it all goes well!

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  1. First, a shout-out for those of us unafraid to use the word “sublunary”! 🙂 Also, I know how weird/lonely those extended periods away from the SO can be, though we’ve never had to go longer than a week. Lots of phone calls and chats–and may the weeks fly by.

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