Colette Hazel

Colette Hazel

Frocktober #12 - this is @ColettePatterns Hazel I sewed last weekend! #ifeelpretty
Frocktober #12 – this is @ColettePatterns Hazel I sewed last weekend! #ifeelpretty

Edited to add: And here’s my third finished dress! I actually managed the whole thing – from cutting to finished – in a single day. The pattern is Hazel by Colette. The fabric is some cotton that I picked up at Lincraft during their sale. (No matter how much I iron it, it looks wrinkly. I think it just wants to be wrinkly.) I didn’t bother with a muslin; I just went for the size based on my bust. Unfortunately I think that was a bit too big, as I ended up having to go back and take in the bodice side seams a bit. Next time I’ll do a smaller size. I had been nervous about the diagonal bodice seams, but they turned out pretty easy. The zipper insertion was fairly painless too. Pretty cute, huh? The only negative is that the strap placement made it difficult to find a bra to wear with it. I ended up going with one with “clear” straps so they’re less visible. Still, I think I’ll definitely make another of these. I’ve got a border print calling to me…


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  1. It fit you really well, nice result for just one week end, did you do a muslin?

  2. I didn’t bother with a muslin as the fabric was so cheap. The dress actually ended up slightly too big, so I ended up taking in the bodice side seams a bit. I think I will make a smaller size next time.

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