Laurel Dress

Laurel Dress
Don't tell anyone in CorporateLand, but I'm wearing a self-made dress today! #laurel @saraiatcolettepatternsDon’t tell anyone in CorporateLand, but I’m wearing a self-made dress today! #laurel @saraiatcolettepatterns

So yeah, I finished another dress! This is Laurel from Colette Patterns. It’s a very versatile shift dress, and I opted to make a sleeveless version (since I didn’t have much fabric). The fabric itself is a stretch cotton that I got at Fabric-a-brac last year. I actually cut it too large at first, not realising how much ease it had in it. I then went back and took in the side seams, which helped it fit a lot better. I did have an issue with the back neck gaping, which I’m not sure is attributable to the fit or whether I stretched it out when applying the bias binding. Miss Fee was kind enough to pin out the excess for me, so I then added a few darts there to take it in. I’ll know enough to make lots of changes for my next one! It’s a very simple and quick pattern, and I think I’ll be able to use it for work wear – in a more somber print, of course. 🙂

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