In the spirit of the season, try your skill at Candy Bar Math. I only got four out of six, but come on. I’ve been outside the country for two years. My ability to differentiate between different varieties of Hershey candy bars has been severely diminished. I was like, “Mr. Goodbar? What the hell?” (Link courtesy of Brigita.)


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  1. I got 5 out of 6! I’d be proud but I’m still a bit woozy/nauseated from consuming all of those mini-versions of the candy bars last night…ugh…

  2. I thought you were joining a gym and getting all health-kicky?! (Says the girl who just finally got RID of her gym membership…)

  3. “Your score: 3. You show an indifference to the intricacies of pre-packaged confection. Repent.”

    Heh… I’ve never eaten an Oh Henry, nor a Mr. Goodbar, Payday, or Big Hunk. I lean towards the chocolatey, gooey caramel with peanuts and nougat varieties. Big Hunk looks like a Big Scary Hunk of crap, sort of like a Bit O Honey bar.

  4. mmm…bighunk is fabulous! it’s all nougaty goodness for those days when you need candy but don’t want to go so far as to have chocolate.

  5. Okay, I’m American and I’ve never heard of a frickin’ “Big Hunk”. What the hell is it? Is it regional or something?

    I love me some Hershey’s cookies and mint bars, fresh from the freezer. YUM.

  6. i think big hunk is like the coelacanth, a dinosaur that still lives on in modern day. i don’t think they’re regional, although i was living in seatown for the length of my BH phase.

  7. Touché, Kris–I joined the gym today, so I treated Halloween as a “last gasp” kind of moment, hence the mini-Kit-Kat-o-rama that ensued!

  8. Mmmm, Kit Kat. Do they still come in foil in the States, or have they changed to the crappy all-in-one plastic wrapper like we have here?

  9. Oh, no, they still come in foil here in the States. Except for the Big Kat, which is like a single Kit Kat bar, only giant-sized… That comes in the single plastic wrapper. Mmmm…. Big Kat is goooood… I think I may head down to the deli and have one now!

  10. I’m pretty sure they invented the big ones over here. (Actually they invented the small ones here too, I was recently surprised to learn.) We’ve had the big ones for a couple years. They’re called “Kit Kat Chunky” in the U.K. Very good, I agree. They also do this weird thing here where every now and then they’ll put out a “flavored” Kit Kat. They had “mint” ones a while back, which I liked. (See my comment above about the Cookies and Mint bars.) Unfortunately the British also have this thing about mixing “chocolate” and “citrus” so they also had an “orange” flavored one for a while. I can’t stand that. *shudder*

  11. I dont care for the orange and chocolate varieties of sweets, either. DeBrand made an orange creme chocolate that I made the mistake of biting into once… And then I tried one of those British chocolate “oranges” that you slam down on the counter, and it opens up into a whole bunch of little orange-chocolate slices. Very weird. Can’t say I liked it much after the first nibble.

  12. Yeah, they’ve already got those out in the stores for Christmas. Mom got us each one a few years back and I was entranced by the sheer novelty of it. The taste however is disgusterous (as the BFG would say). I like my chocolate unadulterated. Not mixed with fruit.

  13. “disgusterous.” i’m using that.

  14. Hey, knock yourself out. Ooh, I should start a “Roald Dahl Word O’ the Day” or something. Fun.

  15. wait—BFG doesn’t stand for some machination of boyfriend? ok, i’m the [email protected]$$.

  16. HAHAHAHAHA… No. The BFG. You’re going to have to read it to your kids sooner or later, so you might as well get familiar now. 🙂

  17. I’m a Canadian fella who’s in desperate need of a few KitKat Chunky Oranges. Can anyone send me some PLEASE?
    [email protected]

  18. WOW! that’s sad.

  19. i know this is an old thread, but it seemed like an ideal opportunity to let you know that my friend anna’s grandfather worked for rowntree and created the kit kat (originally called wafer crisp, apparently).

    (actually, kris, you’ve met anna – that night we went had dinner at wagamama’s in sydney)

  20. Damn. If I’d known she was candy royalty I would’ve made more of an effort to ingratiate myself! 🙂

  21. I notice a huge difference in taste between the european kitkat “chunky” made by nestle and the US kit kat equivalent “big Kat” made by hershey. Chunky by nestle is sooooo much better tasting than the one available here in the US. I have to force myself to eat one of these gross bigKATS just so that i can reminisce eating those delicious chunkys. I wonder if anyone else can taste the difference or is it just me?

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